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Glad that my son is vaccinated

Glad that my son is vaccinated

I was born in 1975 and had some of the children´s diseases like chickenpox (twice), rubella and measles. The worst one was definitely measles. I had a high fever, a red rash all over my body and I had to lay in my bed in a darkened room because my eyes were inflamed. I started crying when I saw myself in the mirror because that was not my face. It was two weeks of illness and 3 weeks at home. And, no it didn´t strengthen my immune system as many anti-vaxxers assume. I often caught a cold or  had a fever.

My son is in kindergarten now and of course often catches an illness. I´m glad that he doesn´t have to go through all the diseases which are more dangerous than a common cold. We even took a flu shot last winter, because flu can be very dangerous for infants.

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Oct 26, 2017