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Vaccines Matter

Vaccines Matter

My mother had Polio. She is only 29 years older than me. We live in a time where we are not used to people being sick or dying from vaccine preventable illnesses anymore. 

Our generation seems to look at immunization as a choice, something that they can choose to do or not.  Ironically choosing to vaccinate ourselves or our children is a luxury that has been created due to the great success of immunizations.  Professionally we refer to parents that choose not to vaccinate their children as "conscientious objectors". I think these folks should be called "free loaders".  Nobody likes to take their babies or children in for immunizations, however we know that immunizations are a valuable part of keeping ourselves, our families, our communities, and our global friends and family safe and healthy.  If we all relax and rely on herd immunity as a way of protecting our loved ones, in the end none of us will be protected. 

Thankfully my mother has not suffered as badly as most who were ill with Polio did.  She did not require the assistance of an iron lung, or go on to have lingering chronic health issues.  As a Public Health Nurse I feel honored to be able to offer vaccines to clients as a way of preventing life threatening illnesses.

Last modified: 
Nov 7, 2017