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Reptilian Shillbucks

Reptilian Shillbucks

Reitis Menace, Die spitzen Spritzlinge, Vaccinators, Rosis Rasselbande, Titten!, Skunk Fu, Farmerlobby, Echsen für Spritzen, Hollow Earth Reptiles, Vax-Factor, We Were Paid For This

Act locally. Vaccinate globally.

Immunization boosters in this team have earned 294 vaccinations for children in support of UNICEF this round.

They earned 23200 vaccinations in the previous round.

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I fight for vaccines because I never want anyone to feel the way that my mother and I felt on that day.

I was born in 1975 and had some of the children´s diseases like chickenpox (twice), rubella and measles.

Top Vaccine Earners
Name Vaccines
Luiza Veit 1