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I Boost Immunity is seeking partnership and sponsorship opportunities with the public and private sectors that have shared interests in global health, vaccination, science/humanitarian education for children and adults as well as innovative uses of technology for social change.

With our growing network, IBI offers private sector investors the opportunity to associate their brand with this influential demographic and with it, enhance customer loyalty through a social cause that saves lives. 

Depending on the type and level of support offered, there are number of ways in which your organization can benefit by working with I Boost Immunity including direct sponsorship, through in-store or employee vaccine matching campaigns or supporting specific Booster campaigns throughout the calendar year.

Vaccine providers such as pharmacies and travel vaccination clinics can participate in I Boost Immunity’s Global Neighbourhood Vaccine Matching program that involves donating one vaccine to IBI for every vaccine administered in a store or clinic location. Other organizations can use I Boost Immunity as a team building activity by having its employees compete to earn vaccines that are then matched by the organization. 

Current Sponsors:

London Drugs





Last modified: 
Nov 24, 2022