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Who Pays For The Vaccines? How Are They Donated?

Who pays for the vaccines?

Currently, the cost of vaccines are being funded through the Public Health Association of British Columbia. Limited support is also provided through our sponsors that include London Drugs, AntibioticsWise and Sanofi Pasteur.  I Boost Immunity is seeking government, foundation and corporate partners and sponsors with an interest in global health, vaccination, science and humanitarian education for children or innovative uses of gamification for social change.  If you are an organization with an interest in any of these areas, please contact us!  

Are you interested in purchasing vaccines to help fund I Boost Immunity? You can directly donate to our vaccine bank through UNICEF Canada by clicking here!

Why do I have to do a quiz to earn vaccines? Shouldn't you just give them away anyway?

Great question! I Boost Immunity is a government funded public health initiative, and our mandate is not tied to UNICEF. Our mandate is to educate and inform the public about the benefits of vaccines.

In fact, we didn't always give our users the ability to earn vaccines. When we first started, users could only earn swag rewards (t-shirts, water bottles). However, after hearing that our users wanted see more meaningful impact, we decided to reward users by letting them earn vaccines instead. Essentially, we are pledging to buy a vaccine every time someone educates themselves. Think of it as a "matching" donation - we are matching your effort to learn and share the word about vaccines, with a vaccine donation to UNICEF. It's a win-win-win!

What vaccines are donated to UNICEF?

I Boost Immunity will purchases tetanus, polio or measles vaccines through UNICEF Canada.

Last modified: 
Nov 24, 2022