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Obvious Big Pharma Shills

Obvious Big Pharma Shills

We throw our hands in the air like we just don't care. But we do, because vaccines save lives. :D

Act locally. Vaccinate globally.

Immunization boosters in this team have earned 190 vaccinations for children in support of UNICEF this round.

They earned 3244 vaccinations in the previous round.

This is an open team. You may join!

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I am a mother to a beautiful little 6 year old. She is fully vaccinated. A happy, healthy little girl. 

My community now has, at least 10 kids who got vaccinated thanks to the bravery and open mindedness of my once anti-vax friend. 

Top Vaccine Earners
Name Vaccines
lavackbr_3444 91
oxnate 91
Charles Vernier 8