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Hello, and welcome to the team! We are two grade ten students from Calgary. This idea started as a school project but we realized that this more than a school project, it's a humanitarian crisis. After we did some research we have found out that this is one of the highest causes for increased mortality rates around the worlds. We felt empowered to work towards solving this issue, because we have the solution but it's not available for sustainable access. No one deserve to die because of preventable diseases, because we all deserve a chance to life. It's time to take action. Educate yourselves and share your knowledge. Let's stop infectious disease. 


Act locally. Vaccinate globally.

Immunization boosters in this team have earned 14 vaccinations for children in support of UNICEF this round.

They earned 154 vaccinations in the previous round.

This is an open team. You may join!

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Top Vaccine Earners
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NookCranny23_23096 14